Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) receives numerous requests for data which are used to develop aggregated statistics, charts and graphs.  The CCW website provides various statistical graphs, charts, maps, tables and reports.  These resources contain valuable content on a large volume of Medicare populations, including summary statistics tables and reports for:

  • Medicare Beneficiary Counts
  • Medicare Chronic Condition Statistics
  • Medicare Cost & Utilization
  • Medicare Beneficiaries with Nursing Home or Home Health Assessment
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Data

Summary charts are available for various Medicare statistics, including:

  • Medicare Enrollment by Age Group, Race, Sex, Coverage Type, or Medicare Status
  • Medicare Chronic Conditions by Age Group, Race, Sex, and Medicare Status Code
  • Medicare Part D enrollment and fills information by Age Group, Race, Sex, Plan Type and Subsidy Type
  • Medicare Other Chronic and Disabling Conditions by Age Group, Race, Sex, Medicare Status Code and Dual Status