The Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC) offers free assistance to researchers using Medicare and Medicaid data. The ResDAC website provides links to descriptions of the CMS data available, request procedures, supporting documentation (such as record layouts and SAS input statements), workshops on how to use Medicare and Medicaid data, and other helpful resources.

Before requesting CCW data from CMS, please view Summary Statistics for beneficiary populations, sample size exploration, chronic condition characteristics, or demographic information.

To request CCW data files, please contact ResDAC at:

Website: Research Identifiable File (RIF) Requests


Phone: 1-888-9-ResDAC (1-888-973-7322)

Fax: 612-378-4866

Submission of Medicare Data Finder Files (Finder File Encryption Policy)


Receiving Data

The purpose of this information is to provide step-by-step instructions for loading your Chronic Condition Data Warehouse (CCW) data extracts onto the hardware of your choice, opening and decrypting the files, and joining the files into usable data sets.


Requesting VRDC Access

The purpose of this information is to provide a high-level summary of the user experience when requesting access to the CCW Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC). Step-by-step instructions for use of the CCW Access Request System (CARS) are included.